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Disaster Recovery, Backup & Replication
Minimize downtime, prevent data loss, and ensure quick recovery from disruptions with our tailor-made disaster recovery, backup and replication solutions, strategically deployed within our data centers and points of presence infrastructure across Northern Europe.
Disaster Recovery, Backup & Replication
Why Choose Disaster Recovery and Backup?
Your data and IT systems are the most valuable business assets, so we provide data recovery solutions for any scale depending on your needs, risk tolerance, and budget. Disaster recovery, backup, and replication are critical components of your business continuity strategy.
Disaster Recovery and Backup
Business continuity and future defense
Minimize the consequences and expenses of potential downtime.
Highest level of data security
Safeguard your IT systems and data with high security at our certified data centers.
Planned and fast recovery
Receive IT experts’ help when you need it and focus on your core business.
The Potential Cost of Downtime
Without a solid data backup, replication, or disaster recovery plan, your mission-critical infrastructure might be in danger.
Of organizations have experienced an outage in the past 3 years
Experienced significant outages caused by on-site power problems
Had network and connectivity related issues

Source: Uptime Institute’s Annual outage analysis, 2023

Your Custom Data Protection Strategy
Depending on business needs and requirements for critical systems our IT experts can help you build required complex solution — from cold to hot disaster recovery infrastructure or backup and replication with required policy.
To ensure business continuity and fast recovery in case of various incidents choose our data security services according to necessary level of protection:
Data recovery as a service (DRaaS)
Backup as a service (BaaS)
Replication as a service (RaaS)
Veeam Backup & Disaster Recovery solution
Delska IT experts will build your disaster recovery and backup infrastructure as a complete cloud solution based on Veeam.
Single or multiple locations for data backup in Riga, Vilnius or Frankfurt
Fast and secure interconnections between data center and business infrastructure.
Supports high-capacity data transmission via LAN, WAN, and SAN for fast recovery after incidents.
Offers an unlimited number of protected servers and workstations
Pay only for recources you use
Supports a wide range of architectures and operating systems, including Linux, AIX, Solaris, MacOS, Windows, and HP-UX
Backup solutions extended to virtual machines (VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®), email (Microsoft® Exchange), and databases (Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL)
Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery Scheme
Veeam Backup and Disaster Recovery Scheme
Avoiding reputation and financial losses
Safeguard your business data and reputation from unplanned downtime due to equipment failure, human error, data loss, or hacking with complex data security solutions.
Individual approach to data security
Duplicate your IT systems and data in certified data centers with tailor-made disaster recovery or backup solutions to avoid data loss.
Risks management by IT experts
Our IT experts will analyze all existing risks, identify issues, and agree on the actions outlined to minimize any material losses due to the unavailability of your IT system and data.
Protection of your IT environment
We will protect your data hosted in virtual, physical, cloud or software defined platforms and will ensure its quick recovery in case of disaster.
Disaster Recovery, Backup & Replication Use Cases
Rapid recovery after nature disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, IT systems or hardware failures
Data archiving to meet regulatory compliance
Database restore in case of data corruption due to software bug
Protection against human factors — accidental data loss
Real-time website and app replication
During migration processes to new system or infrastructure backups can help safely restore
To find out how Delska can help to protect you from unexpected data losses, contact us!
Available Data Centers
For effective data loss protection, primary and secondary data centers in Latvia and Lithuania, along with strategically located points of presence across Europe, are the backbone of a resilient IT infrastructure that ensures seamless disaster recovery, efficient data backup, and replication across a global network.
Available Data Centers