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Cloud Computing
Choose cloud computing services tailored to your business needs and gain unlimited resources without investments in physical equipment and maintenance. 
Cloud Computing
Custom Cloud Services
With cloud computing the possibilities are boundless. It gives you access to various tools, software, and resources that scale with your business needs without the hassle of managing hardware and infrastructure. Whether you want enhanced security, seamless scalability, or lightning-fast performance, we offer personalized cloud services tailored to your unique business requirements.
myDelska Cloud Platform
Virtual machines for swift IT infrastructure management and scaling. Deploy within seconds and benefit from unlimited traffic, custom firewall and other options. Perfect for SMBs, developers and startups alike!
VMware Public Cloud
Ready-to-use virtual resources of VMware, the industry leader, for scalable, reliable and secure public cloud services. Store your IT systems in our cloud resource pool!
Private Cloud
Custom solution of dedicated virtual resources for critical IT systems with the need for the highest data security and guaranteed performance.
Cloud Computing
Advantages of Cloud Computing Services
Flexible cloud solutions
Select VMware or alternative cloud services and get our cloud experts’ help to create a custom solution based on your specific business data and software needs, availability, confidentiality, and future development plans. We are experts in tailor-made cloud solutions, just ask us!
Easy cloud management
Manage your rented virtual computing power conveniently with myDelska or VMware self-service cloud platforms.
Reliable technologies for high availability
Ensure your business continuity with uninterrupted access to your business critical applications and data in cloud. Redundant IT infrastructure to minimize downtime.
Cost effectiveness
Choose a pay-as-you-go model on myDelska cloud platform, it’s easy to get IT resources only when needed! No need to invest in physical infrastructure when using any of our cloud solutions and scaling resources upon request or in case of higher load needed.
Convenient access & collaboration
Anywhere, anytime connect to your cloud resources & ensure your teams work in business IT systems even on the go without the stress of having access to a particular location or device. Connect various branches, access your business users in certain regions faster & ensure smooth operations!
Multiple cloud use cases
Choose cloud computing services for data storage, backup, websites hosting, test and development environments and other IT infrastructure needs. Our cloud prices vary depending on the solution — choose affordable myDelska virtual machines or public and private cloud resources for more sophisticated solutions.
Delska Data Centers
Selecting the appropriate cloud provider is essential to ensure your business gains the maximum advantages of cloud computing.
With 25 years of expertise in data centers and cloud business, we can serve as your cloud data center and offer the latest technologies, along with experienced professionals, to support your business.
Delska Data Centers